17-ICML Highlights and Hematopathology Overview 2023

About The Event

17-ICML Highlights and Hematopathology Overview 2023

This educational program is intended for Hematologists, Hematopathologists, Medical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologists, other Nuclear Medicine Specialists, Hematology/Oncology Nurses, Medical Technicians, and other health care providers who are involved in and/or interested in lymphoproliferative. State-of-the-art of the art lectures, evidence-based hematology sessions, and satellite symposia covering the latest technological developments are the program’s main features.

In an effort to improve the medical care offered to patients with lymphoproliferative disorders, the 17-ICML Highlights and Hematopathology Overview 2023 aims to fulfill the following Educational Activities:

  • Discuss the latest data presented at the 17-ICML (13-17 June 2023, Lugano, Switzerland) with experts in the field.
  • To provide updated information on the multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic options for lymphoproliferative disorders.
  • To facilitate and increase communication, collaboration, and exchange of knowledge and experience between hematologists, oncologists, pathologists, scientists, and other healthcare providers in the region.
  • To promote education and awareness among hematopathologists with respect to the diagnosis of various hematology disorders.
  • To enable hematopathologists to understand the classification and differentiate between various diagnostics.
  • To learn the utilization of various Histo-pathological, Flowcytometric, Molecular, and other lab markers in the diagnosis of hematological disorders.
  • To update participants with the latest diagnostic tools in hematopathology.


Sofitel Hotel Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia


15-16 September 2023
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